Company Background

      All stocking work is still done completely by hand


  My passion for guns started at a young age and living in the countryside naturally accelerated this interest where most households had a gun and fishing rod in the cupboard. Although content with shooting them, I was more interested in how the guns worked, how they were made and who made them.

The natural step to broaden my knowledge was to work in the British guntrade and I joined my local gunsmith after leaving school. Up to this point I had only used and seen very crude ‘working’ guns and it was here that I was introduced to the world of fine British Guns. The workbenches and shelves were (and still are) filled with old leather-bound cases containing beautiful guns made long ago by master craftsmen. I spent many hours opening those cases studying and handling their contents to distinguish one maker from another, one action from another and one style from another.

I was very fortunate to learn my skills from talented men, men who were engrained in the traditional skills of gunmaking and as passionate about the guns that passed through their hands as I was. Although versed in many aspects of gun making my skills lay only in one – stocking. Apart from it’s functional use, a stock could be cut, carved, shaped, coloured and polished to reflect the skill and passion of the man who created it.

I continue today making, refinishing and altering the stocks of many interesting guns and befriending their owners. For each gun that comes to me I will ensure that I leave my mark, as did the men who built the gun, in the quality of the work that I leave behind.