Stocking A Best Gun

Stocking starts with assessing the proposed stock blank(s) and understanding the new specified measurements. This will ensure that the blank will yield these measurements whilst also allowing the best positioning of the body of the stock in the blank to allow a straight-grained hand and figured body.

The blank will then be pre-cut to a squared outline of the new stock and offered up to the stripped action for inletting. The stocker will inlet the action, triggerplate and lockwork using the traditional method of lamp-blanking to ensure the best fit between metal and wood. The stocker will periodically use the measurements table to ensure that at all times the stock is being headed-up correctly and that all proposed measurements are achievable.

Once inlet, the stock will be shaped, an oval fitted, smoothed off and bored and balanced. The stock will then be finished in traditional oil methods to suit the style of gun and its nature, colour and grain of the wood. Chequering will be cut by hand to ensure that a new clean grip is both crisp and suited to the style of the gun. All the furniture will be re-blued and pins re-coloured so that the metalwork complements the new stock.