Stock Blanks

Although we carry a small selection of stock blanks, we have access to a very large selection of the finest Turkish and French walnut blanks. This supply of blanks is also relied upon by some of the most prestigious gunmakers in Britain to stock their new best guns. All stock blanks are hand picked in Turkey and France by our buyer who is very well informed in the qualities required of a blank to make a good stock.

All blanks are:

Guaranteed air dried for 5 years with no accelerated drying methods (i.e. not boiled, salt or kiln dried). The blanks come into the UK and spend a further 6 months drying inside a controlled environment. All Blanks are weighed and electronically tested and are only released when the moisture content has stabilised, which is usually between 8 - 12%.

Guaranteed against defects. Should a defect be found on shaping the stock then we will exchange it for a new blank of the equivalent grade.

Big enough to stock most types of sporting guns to 16 inch Length of Pull and wide enough to accommodate a cheek piece. Extra wide blanks are also available for double rifles and large bore guns.

Supplied with a matching fore-end blank which is big enough to make an extended beaver tail or Over & Under fore-end.

Prices start at 250 and we are happy to email detailed pictures of any potential blanks that a customer may be interested in.

Example of Grades

Grade 1 From 250 Grade 3 From 500
Grade 2 From 350 Grade 4 From 700

For detailed pictures of blanks contact us on: here